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6 free form pieces. Mathias Bäckström, alto sax, Staffan Svensson, trumpet & electronics, Martin Holmlund, bass & electronics, Johan Björklund, drums. Recorded June 1, 2011 at Studio 20, Bunkern, Gothenburg.

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About this session:

On a beautiful summers day in June 2011 I recorded this quartet. The music played was freely improvised in the studio, no compositions were made in advance.

The recording setup was kind of straight. One microphone on the sax. One microphone on the trumpet through live electronics with a stereo output into two DI-boxes. One microphone on the bass amp to capture the clean bass sound and the various live electronics. The drums was recorded with a stereo microphone in x/y configuration as overhead and two dynamic microphones on bass and snare drum.

It was my intention to record on more channels. I had ordered an Alesis hd24 (24 tracks), but the package was delayed by the postal service. What to do but to use my old work horse the Alesis ADAT Blackface, 8 tracks.

During mixdown I used old school automation: 10 fingers on the faders :) Sometimes really confusing and irritating, but the end result gives a less "produced" feeling.

I first made a digital mastering and all was good to go for a release. But something hold me back. I listened and listened and was not satisfied with the result. I decided then, after a month or so, to do the mastering all over. This time I would include more analog gear. Ended up using analog exciter, analog graphic eq and gentle analog compression (about 1,5-2db). I also added some reverb to give the mix some depth. The final steps were done digitally in the computer, maximizer and fast lookahead limiter.

Well, enjoy! /Mathias


01 Sista

02 Gentle noice

03 Jazzy Jizzly

04 Tibetan groove

05 Fuse is lid

06 Jamin Jamout (Bonus track)

-- All music by Mathias Bäckström, Staffan Svensson, Martin Holmlund and Johan Björklund. --


Mathias Bäckström: Alto Saxophone

Staffan Svensson: Trumpet & Electronics

Martin Holmlund: Bass & Electronics

Johan Björklund: Drums & Perc.


Recorded on ADAT Alesis Black Face 8 track.


Sennheiser 441 on Saxophone

Brüel & Kjaer 4011 ​on Trumpet (see Staffans gear)

Shure SM7 on Bass amp.

AKG D112 on Bass drum

Shure SM57 on Snare drum

Røde NT4 (stereo x/y) overhead

Microphone preamp: TLA PA-5001 Ivory Series (direct to tape)

Mixer: Tascam M308

Reverb: Lexicon MPX100, TC Electronic M300

Exciter: Aphex System, Aural Exciter Type C

Graphiq eq: DBX 231

Compressor: Behringer Autocom Pro.

2 Passive DI/Line boxes.

Stereo master recorder: Alesis HD24

PC, Linux Fedora 1 Kernel 2.4.26-1.11.rhfc1.ccrma, Software: Ardour v0.99.2, Barry´s satan maximizer (Steve Harris), Fast Lookahead Limiter (Steve Harris)

Mixed August 2011.

Analog and digitally mastered November 2011

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 20, Bunkern, Gothenburg, Sweden by Mathias Bäckström.

Recorded Live. No overdubs or cuts have been made.

Mathias Bäckström plays a Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with a Vandoren Java mouth piece (blue mod.).

Staffan Svensson plays an Olds Recording 1969 trumpet, Brüel & Kjaer 4011 microphone, Preamp Rostec LMA4, Lexicon G2, Moogerfooger Ring Modulator, Korg Kaoss Pad, Korg MiniKaoss Pad and DBX mini-comp.

Martin Holmlund plays a Fender Precision American Deluxe 5-string (2004), Fender Jazz bass (1974). Amp: Mesa Boogie Walkabout. Bass MURF by Moog, Line 6 DL4 Delay, Boss OC 1 oktaver.

Johan Björklund plays Ayotte drums, Paiste Traditional cymbals, Thaigongs and misc iron scrap.


Gothenburg_Pustervik_Kanal_och_Parkering.png Staffan SvenssonJohan Björklund. (Photo: Kristin Lidell).Martin_Holmlund.jpg

Photo of Staffan Svensson by Patrik Sandström.

Photo of Johan Björklund by Kristin Lidell.


Thanks to Christian Alsing for the Sennheiser 441.

Thanks to Johan Björklund for the AKG D112.

Thanks to Håkan Liedberg for the TC Electronic M300.


This recording is protected by copyright law and released exclusively on with permission by the composers and performing recording artists. Any unauthorized distribution and/or copying of this music or otherwise content is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized usage or duplication is a violation of applicable laws. -Feel free to listen on site.

Licensed by: STIM Sweden.

©Copyright 2003-2013 Mathias Bäckström. All rights reserved.