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3 punk jazz songs by HOW! Compositions Magnus Aronsson. Performed by Thomas Gunillasson electric guitar, Mathias Bäckström alto saxophone, Johan Samuelsson drums, Magnus Aronsson drums. Recorded February 2006 at Studio 20, Bunkern, Gothenburg.

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About this session:

This is actually not a free jazz recording. How! is a groove/riff band, alto saxophone, electric guitar and two drum sets. No bass player!

This is a punk mix.

You should probably not do it like this. But when the music is kind of punk jazz you can´t make a pretty mix. Keywords are: Compression and distorsion. Compression is made in a brick wall fashion (limiter). To much? I think not :) Distorsion is made on every stage (not much, just to fatten the sound) at gain level, channel level and subgroup level. In other words lots of mixer board distorsion. The saxophone is also distorted through a litte tape recorder (distorsion in the recording head) to blend with the guitar and to get a rock n roll saxophone feel.

The electric guitar is recorded with two microphones. One in front of the amplifier and the second at the rear. The rear microphone is phase shifted. It creates a rich sound.

The two drum sets are in hard pan, left channel (set 1) and right channel (set 2). I regarded the two drum sets as one big set with only one overhead microphone on each. /Enjoy! Mathias


01 Kanon

02 Technolåten

03 Technolåten (Alternate take)

04 Rocklåten

Compositions by Magnus Aronsson. Arrangements by HOW!


HOW! Band members:

Mathias Bäckström: Alto Saxophone

Thomas Gunillasson: Electric Guitar

Johan Samuelsson: Drums

Magnus Aronsson: Drums


Recorded on ADAT Alesis Black Face 8 track.


Shure SM58 on Saxophone

Shure SM57 on guitar amp front

Shure SM58 on guitar amp rear (phase shift)

AKG D112 on Bass drum (drum set 1)

Shure SM58 on Snare drum (drum set 1)

Blue Baby Bottle as overhead (drum set 1)

Shure SM57 on Bass drum (drum set 2) (split in on same channel as snare drum, Y-cable)

Shure SM58 on Snare drum (drum set 2) (split in on same channel as bass drum, Y-cable)

Blue Baby Bottle as overhead (drum set 2)

Microphone preamp: TLA PA-5001 Ivory Series (direct to tape)

Philips tape recorder from the 80s (model ?)

Compressor: DBX 166xl

Compressor: Behringer Autocom Pro.

Mixer: Tascam M308

Reverb: Lexicon MPX100

Exciter: Aphex System, Aural Exciter Type C

Graphiq eq: DBX 231

Stereo master recorder: Phillips CDR 765

Analog and digitally remastered March 2011

Analog stage: Tube preamp ->Graphic eq ->Exciter ->ADC.

Digital stage: PC, Linux Fedora 1 Kernel 2.4.26-1.11.rhfc1.ccrma, Software: Ardour v0.99.2, Barry´s satan maximizer (Steve Harris), Fast Lookahead Limiter (Steve Harris)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio 20, Bunkern, Gothenburg, Sweden by Mathias Bäckström.

Recorded Live. No overdubs or cuts have been made.

Mathias Bäckström plays a Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone with a Vandoren Java mouth piece (blue mod.).

Thomas Gunillasson plays a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar through a Rat pedal. The amp is a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue. 

Johan Samuelsson playes (Long time ago. Johan is secretive and hasn´t told me. I Believe it´s...  /Mathias) Gretsch drums.

Magnus Aronsson playes Premier Cabria drums, K-zildjan and Istanbul cymbals.


Tascam 308Thomas_Gunillasson_HOW.jpg Mathias_Backstrom_HOW.jpgJohan_Samuelsson_HOW.jpg Magnus_Aronsson_HOW.jpgMathias_Backstrom_HOW_2.jpgThomas_Gunillasson_HOW_Smoke_machine.jpg

Photo: Kristin Lidell


Thanks to Dick Skugge and Magnus Aronsson for the Blue microphones

Thanks to Magnus Aronsson for the Dbx compressor

Thanks to Klas Richardsson for the AKG D112 microphone

Thanks to Thomas Gunillasson for the Philips tape recorder.

HOW! CD releases:

HOW! NorthernDarkness

Artist: HOW

Album: Northern darkness

Label: GAC records

The songs in this session are also recorded on CD with:

Militanta Jazzmusiker -Attack

Artist: Militanta Jazzmusiker (Big Band)

Album: Attack

Label: GAC records


This recording is protected by copyright law and released exclusively on with permission by the composers and performing recording artists. Any unauthorized distribution and/or copying of this music or otherwise content is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized usage or duplication is a violation of applicable laws. -Feel free to listen on site.

Licensed by: STIM Sweden.

©Copyright 2003-2013 Mathias Bäckström. All rights reserved.